A Record Breaking Surprise For This Foster Chihuahua on National Puppy Day

Foster doggy-mom, Josie Brown, named this little girl LOL, or “laugh out loud,” and that’s surely what the family must have done when this little girl dropped her National Puppy Day surprise — or eleven of them, to be precise.

An Urgent Situation

When the heavily pregnant chihuahua turned up at Unleashed Pet Rescue in Mission Kansas, rescue employee Jessica Bennett knew she had to act fast. This mama was about ready to pop, and she needed a safe, soft place fast. Josie Brown stepped up, and it was a good thing too. For no sooner had LOL settled into her foster home than the puppies started coming.

Image: Facebook

Chihuahuas usually give birth to a maximum of five pups. It’s usually as much as their delicate structures can handle. But as Josie looked on, a sixth puppy came. And then a seventh. After eight, Josie thought they were done. But then came nine and ten.

And the next morning? When Josie checked on Mama Chihuahua she found that one more had been born during the night, giving an astounding total of eleven pups! And that’s a world record! The puppies were all born healthy, and the rescue is expecting a lot of people will be lining up to adopt these miracle pups.

Things Could Have Turned Out Much Worse

Puppies are cute, but the sad fact is, there are too many unwanted dogs of all ages on the streets, in shelters, and in rescues. LOL and her pups have a happy ending, but overpopulation is a huge problem.

Image: Facebook

Spaying and neutering seem like common sense. However, many people think that they can’t afford to spay and neuter their pets. Others object for personal reasons. The Humane Society estimates that in some places in the United States, up to 87 percent of pets remain unspayed/unneutered. And that adds up to a lot of unwanted pets. 2.4 million adoptable pets are put to sleep every year in shelters. Many others live and die on the streets.

Spaying and neutering not only help to keep the populations of unwanted animals down, but it’s also good for pets. It staves off certain health problems, and curbs certain unwanted behaviors. It can also cut down on your vet bills.

If you’re worried about spay and neuter costs, the ASPCA has a directory of low-cost spay and neuter programs to help you find one in your area.

Featured Image: CC0 by 27707, via Pixabay

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