A Sick New Campaign Concerning Pitt Bulls That Everyone Needs To Know About

A new trend has come to light recently, and as a writer and a proud pittie parent, I find it imperative to keep all of you informed. This new campaign is an evil practice that is gaining popularity all over the country. Infuriatingly, people are pretending to be loving adoptive parents to a Pitt Bull only so they can take them home and have them put to sleep right away.

The dog in the photo below looks exactly like my Sophie girl, and it makes me sick every time I scroll past it. Look at the poor thing trying in vain to protect her babies.

Our sweet dogs are in more danger than ever. Thanks to an overwhelming campaign of misinformation and fear-mongering, people are adamant about ending this breed entirely.


Before we talk about how factually wrong these people are, please understand the depth of the problem. There are people all over the country right now pretending to be loving adoptive parents until they walk out the door with the doomed animal.

They seriously think they are doing the world a favor by ridding it of these beautiful creatures. They even have a hashtag, #pitbulldropoff.

Like the organization People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA, these individuals want to rid the planet of Pit Bulls. They will stop at nothing to accomplish those ends. Groups of people all over the country are trying daily to enact breed-specific legislation to outlaw them entirely.


So, here are some facts. Pitt Bulls are no more prone to violence than any other breed. The fact is, as a breed, Pitt Bulls are the most misunderstood of the bunch. They do have a powerful bite, and when they are not appropriately trained or treated poorly, some of them can display negative tendencies.

Image via Pixabay

Please remember, though, that is true of any breed. Sadly, Pitt Bulls, because of their reputation, are a status symbol. Many people get them and care nothing for the animal; they merely want it around to look cool.

Image via Pixabay

Those dogs do not get the proper training and can end up with dangerous habits.

Sadly, a lot of these gorgeous dogs are still bred just to fight because of their immense jaw strength. People raise fighting dogs to be as violent as possible, which doesn’t help the breed’s reputation one bit.

Image via Pixabay

When a Pit Bull goes bad, however, the blame can be placed directly at the feet of the owners of that animal. In many cases, even those dogs can be rehabilitated. Sadly, because of campaigns like this one, many of them never get the chance.

There have already been studies done in areas with breed specific legislation. In areas where Pit Bulls are taken out of the equation, there are no fewer dog bite occurrences than in areas that do not have BSL.


Everything I wrote above is a verifiable fact. Pit Bulls are not now, nor have they ever been the problem. The owners of those Pit Bulls are the problem. Period.

Image via Pixabay

What can you do to help?

First, share this article so you can help everyone stay informed about this sick new campaign. Secondly, if you know someone who needs to re-home their Pit Bull, please encourage them to check the people that are taking the animal thoroughly. Third, talk about this every chance you get.

Pit Bulls are under attack all the time; there are many opportunities to spark a decent debate and get the truth out about these beautiful creatures.

Have any more questions for us about Pit Bulls? Ask away in the comments section.

Feature Images via Pixabay (L) and Facebook Post (R)

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