Dog Was Stolen Out Of Their Yard. Six Months Later She Receives A Strange Facebook Message

In Illinois Briana Martin, along with her little boy named Noah and her little girl named Anastasia, lost their family pet over six months ago. They thought they were never going to see her again. They had her tied out back like usual, but when they went out to bring her back inside, she had vanished.

“The dog was left outside on a cable that screws into the ground,” said Martin. “He went out to get her 30 minutes later, and she was gone. Her collar wasn’t there. Nothing was broken as if she had gotten loose. It appeared she had been stolen.”


Briana and her family searched for Feather every time they left the house. They spent that time terrified someone had sold Feather to a dog fighting ring, or worse. Her kids mourned their best friend every day.

“They still get up every morning and say ‘mommy, is Feather coming home today? are you going to find the people that have her?’” said Briana while Feather was still missing.


After months of searching non-stop for Feather, the family had nearly given up hope that they would ever see their precious fur baby again.That is, until one day Briana got a message on Facebook from a mechanic shop in Davenport.

“My cousin just informed me that my parents stole your dog out of my yard. I don’t talk to them so I didn’t know they had her. I was given this as their address,” said the message.

Briana was shocked. She couldn’t believe what she was reading. She thought at first that the man sending the message had stolen Feather himself.

“I was very shocked,” she said. “I just kind of stared at my phone for a second and said, ‘What?’ Once I got my bearings, I said, ‘Okay, what’s their name, what’s their address? Where can I find them?’”


The address the man gave Briana was for a home that was 88 miles away in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. As soon as she received the new information Briana called officers at the East Moline Police Department. They, in turn, contacted police in Cedar Rapids.

The officers from Cedar Rapids used the information, and within a few hours, the Martins and their beautiful girl, Feather, were together again.

This is far from over, however. Briana fully intends to press criminal charges against the evil people that stole her fur baby.

“You are looking at grand theft in some cases,” said Briana. “Animals are not cheap, and you could go to jail. Be willing to pay that price if you want to take an animal.”


Mostly, though, the family is making up for lost time and spending as much quality time with Feather as they can squeeze in.

“I wish I could know what’s gone on with her in the past six months, where she’s been, what she’s done, how she liked her first snow, but she’ll just be with us forever,” said Briana.

Briana met with detectives from East Moline to find out what her next steps are. The man who sent her the message said he was happy that he could reunite the family with their pet. The people who allegedly stole Feather did not respond to requests for an interview.

Dog thefts are on the rise. Do everything you can to help protect your fur baby. One of the most important things you can do to prevent this from happening, as well as make it easier to find them if it should, is to get your pet micro-chipped.

Would you press criminal charges against someone who stole your dog? I know I sure would.

Comment below and tell us what steps you take in your own home to help prevent this from happening to your pet.

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