Abandoned Dog With Broken Legs And Spirit Is Saved, My Heart Just Melted.

When a dog goes to the vet, most times they are already nervous and scared.  This dog was dropped off at the vet with two severely broken back legs.  To make her situations even worse her “owners” never came back for her. Now she was hurt, nervous and scared,  her spirits were low.

Rescuers stepped in and once they did they were determined to help her.  They anticipated huge medical bills, but one look at that cute little face made them realize they were hooked.

They named the dog, Chili and she is waiting for funds so that she can have the surgery she needs to walk normally again.  In the meantime, she is being taken care of by her foster mom.  Chili is receiving lots of love and cuddles.

Even if her former “owners” clearly didn’t want to take care of her she is now safe and will have lots of love for the rest of her life.  We aren’t giving up on her said her foster mom.

If you want to help Chili there is information at the end of the video.

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