Abandoned Dog Finally Meets Her New Family – It Changes Her Life Completely


Sadly, rescuers are constantly finding animals abandoned by humans. For some awful reason, people think it is okay to just leave their dogs on the streets. Luckily, rescuers are there for the pets left to fend for themselves. Hope for Paws is an animal rescue who puts all their effort into saving these helpless pets. Kona is an example of pups left to fend for themselves. After hardship in the streets, her life changes drastically thanks to rescue and a new family.


After Kona’s family decided to move away without her, her life completely changed. She didn’t have a place to live in. Once a neighbor realized what was going on, he would attempt to feed her since she lived by herself. Kona would not allow the neighbor to touch her. So he decided to call Hope for Paws.

Once the rescue team arrived, she immediately surrendered and let everyone touch her. In some way, she knew they were there to help her. After surrendering, they took her back to the facility. When she arrived they bathed her and fed her. After she received a haircut, she looked like a brand new dog! Also, she began to be a lot more confident around people.


Not too long after being rescued, Kona was adopted by a new family. Once she started living with them, her life changed for the better. Another perk for Kona is that she can play with the little girls in the family. Also, she gets all the food and love she has ever needed and more! Please watch the video below to see the transformation that Kona underwent. You will be amazed!


Although Kona had a rough start to life, everything has changed for the better. She is no longer lonely with her new family. In fact, she has so much love and peace surrounding her now!

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