Abandoned Mama Cat Sneaks Into Vet Office To Reunite With Her Missing Kittens

Too often we hear of animals being dumped on streets and animal shelters by their human moms and dads. Sometimes it’s hard to bare reading about how many times this happens. Thankfully, most animal mother’s display loyalty to their young that often surpasses how human parents treat their furbabies. This is a heartwarming story of a mother cat who wouldn’t stop looking for her young until she found them.

Kittens are often found outside and taken into shelters or vet clinics by good Samaritans who come across them. This happens very often, especially in the spring. Shelters across the country get overwhelmed by kittens being brought in.

One litter of kittens found the good fortune of being placed in the caring hands of a vet. While the kittens were there, an adult cat kept trying to get into the clinic. Anytime someone would come in the door of the clinic, she would try to sneak in. Finally, the staff at the clinic let the cat come in.

It didn’t take long for the cat to find the litter and start nursing them. She had milk and it was presumed that she was the biological mother of the kittens that she so desperately was trying to get to.

Now that mom and babies have been reunited, no one will be separating them until the kittens are ready to be adopted into loving homes. For now, they will stay safely at the vet clinic as they grow and until adopted families can be found.

In a world full of stories of abandonment, let’s remember that there are just as many stories like this of mothers not giving up being with their little ones.

Kitten Update: Mummy-Cat & her kittens are being fostered by a family member of one of our staff, who lost their cat a while ago & Hills Pet Food have kindly sponsored them.

Posted by Mill Road Vet Clinic on Monday, October 19, 2015

If this story warmed your heart, make sure to share it with a friend. And remember, if you find lost animals like these, make sure to help them get to a place of safety. If it weren’t for this caring vet clinic, this story could have had a very sad ending.

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