Abandoned Pregnant Dog Goes Into Labor, Rescuers Were In For A Huge Surprise

Labor is one of the most painful things. Any woman that has been through it will vouch for that! Undoubtedly, the only thing more painful than the labor itself seems to be losing the baby.

Now imagine being pregnant and abandoned. This means you are cold and alone trying to give birth. That seems like a nightmare to me.

Earlier this month, adorable Chihuahua/Terrier mix endured all of this.

Somebody left this poor dog and her first born puppy out in a cage with the freezing elements.

Clearly, the owner wanted nothing to do with the puppies. So to get rid of the problem, they dumped the poor pups.

When Joshua Flanagan from Fenland Animal Rescue saw the scene, he claims it was absolutely tragic.

 “She was in all this pain and discomfort, howling at the top of her lungs when we found her after we were called by police.”

The temperature outside read a frigid 34F and the dog was laying in a wire crate.

Even though they are used to seeing abandoned animals daily, this seems to be the first time they’ve seen one in so much need.

Sadly, the team couldn’t reach the dogs in time. The first puppy laid there lifeless in front of their eyes.

The mother they later named Bella still lived. They took her to a nearby vet.

They then realized there was still something amazing about to happen.  Bella was still carrying two puppies still inside her.

The birth canal trapped one of them. The womb held the other.

To save all three lives, they needed to take Bella to immediate surgery.

Luckily, the procedure went successfully.  Along with her two newborns, Bella seemed to be alive and well.

It sickens us to think somebody could have left such a sweet puppy during a time of need.

Bella and her puppies live in a loving foster home now.

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