Abandoned Senior Dog Is And Left To Die On A Busy Freeway, Until One Driver Spots Her

Unfortunately, 10-year-old Chihuahua mix, Fae, was thrown in the middle of the highway because her owners did not want her. Sadly, her owners thought that if they put Fae in the middle of the highway she would get hit easily. Some might be thinking how can a human treat a helpless animal like that? We may never know.

Fae, sad, alone, and scared, just sat there waiting to be helped by someone. Her prayers were answered. While a kind man was driving down the highway, he spotted the hurt dog alone. So he knew he had to pull over. When he did he approached the old dog. 

Once he brought Fae home she was safe. But unfortunately the man’s wife did not want to keep Fae, so they took her to the local animal shelter, Baldwin Park Animal Services.

Fae was only at the shelter for a short period of time before someone found her. Gåtor, who was a volunteer at the shelter, fell immediately in love with the adorable pooch. He knew he had to take her home. Gåtor knew everything about her. He knew about how she was abandoned on the highway and more. After thinking about it Gåtor would be devastated if Fae would get abandon again.

Now in good hands, Fae gets baths regularly. She also gets food whenever she wishes. Gåtor buys her all the toys in the world. The adorable pair takes trips to the dog park often too. Fae’s life has been turned around thanks to her new owner. If it were not for him she would be living in a shelter all alone.

Thanks to all the people along the way for helping her, Fae’s life continued. She would have been living on the highway still, or even worse dead.

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