These Two Pups’ Lives Dramatically Changed After They Were Abandoned

We all love stories with happy endings, especially when those stories involve cute animals and forever homes. But what these dogs endured before they found their forever home and human makes their story all the more heartfelt.

Deserted in the Desert

Sedona and Zeus were found in the Arizona desert in 2016. Their previous owner callously abandoned them. Jordan Kahana located the dogs, both dangerously dehydrated, and welcomed them into his pack. Now they have a happy home life, even though they’re often on the road.

Kahana brought his two new pups to 35 states so far, exploring urban and rural areas alike. The internet isn’t just drooling over Kahana’s kindness and the dogs’ cuteness, but Kahana himself has drawn a lot of attention by his own physical appeal, but alas—he’s eye candy only as he’s in a relationship. All we can say is that Zeus, Sedona, and Kahana’s SO are all lucky to share adventures with a charming and kind guy.

His social media posts feature both dogs on their travels, as well as some gorgeous shots from around the country. Part dog-rescuer, part travel-photojournalist, part model (wait, scratch the last…for now), Kahana deserves the positive attention he’s gotten on the net.

Information and Images Source: Distractify

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