Adopted Dog Gets Dressed In Suit To Make Plea On Facebook To Find His Siblings

Frito the dog lived in Texas with his dog family. Unfortunately, Texas Humane heroes had to take him in.

In October, a new family adopted Frito but that meant leaving his dog family behind. Everything seemed to be working out perfectly for Frito!   Now he was being adopted, he would have a new home, and humans to love him.  Frito arrived at his new home shortly afterward buthe would no longer be with his siblings.  Leaving behind his 6 siblings.

After looking through photos of Frito with his brothers and sisters, his new mom wondered what they looked like now. Knowing how hard this was for Frito, the mom decided to take action. A perfect way to reach out, the mom went to Facebook.

Posting on Facebook, his mom searched to plan a play date between Frito and his family. Hoping to gain the attention of his family, the mom wrote a sign and put it next to Frito for the picture.

The sign read: “Hi, my name is Frito. I was adopted from Texas Humane Heroes on October 25, 2015. I’m looking for my siblings whose names were: Domino, Snow, Raven, Cali, Buddy, and Aspen. Please share my post so I can reunite with them for a puppy play take at Texas Humane Heroes!”

Luckily, the post worked and Frito had his family playdate!

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