Adopted Stray Dog Drags Her 'New' Blanket Out To Share With A Long Lost Friend

Recently in Brazil, a young journalist discovered her adopted puppy doing something so thoughtful that it overwhelmed her with emotions.

The weather was turning chilly in their area so Suelen Schaumloeffel bought a thicker blanket for her newly adopted stray dog, Lana.  She added the blanket to the puppy’s doghouse but little did she know when she tucked Lana in that night the puppy would put aside his own needs for another.

The next morning when Schaumloeffel’s fiance was leaving for work, he noticed that Lana had dragged the blanket outside of her dog house.

Upon further investigation, they found the dog apparently felt the need to share his blanket with another stray dog.

“Seeing the friend without a home and cold, Lana did not hesitate to share her blanket. She pulled it over to the fence and offered it to her friend. Each on one side of the fence, but both warm.”

With this photo, Suelen posted a caption saying how proud she was of her dog and her generosity. The Facebook community must agree, because the post has, so far, received 24,428 shares and over 41,000 likes.

Suelen rescued Lana from the streets and is now trying to help the stray pup.  He runs away every time we get close but the couple is leaving food and water out for him in hopes that they can win his trust and hopefully give him a forever home.

We think that Lana is a kind little dog and she reminds us that what a difference we can make in someone’s life if we just try.

Share Lana’s beautiful act of kindness with your friends and family.

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