Adoption Nightmare Update –It's Even Worse Than We Thought

A couple of days ago, I brought you the story of Danny Dolneck and his girlfriend, Christina Mill. The couple adopted a pair of puppies, Fenway and Riot, from an organization called PawSafe in New York. This is an update to their story.

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First, it is with the most profound regret and sorrow that I inform you that early yesterday, Fenway passed away. Last night, Riot took a turn for the worse. However, he was holding steady today and, so far, seems to be hanging in there.

This is Riot. He’s holding on, and his mom got to visit with him for a while today.


Readers, congratulations, you have helped spread the word far and wide, and PawSafe found out. The organization is attempting to shut us up and shame everyone from me, my editor, to Danny and Christina, as well as Carole, Christina’s mom.

They have sicced their sycophants on us, and it has been a stressful couple of days all around. However, we have some puppies to save, and we aren’t going anywhere.

After you read about what I learned today, you will fully understand why nothing is going to stop us from bringing this organization to its knees.


First, don’t let the words “non-profit” and “volunteer organization” fool you. Diane Scuderi, principal officer of PawSafe, earns a salary of around $55,000 for her “volunteer” work with those sick and dying puppies.

For those who cannot see the document, we have an enlarged version:

Scuderi is selling sick and dying dogs and earning more from that than a significant portion of people who live in this country.


On top of that, it also turns out that the list of people that PawSafe has sold dying dogs to is long and getting longer by the day.

  • Alexis Tribune and her husband adopted a puppy from Safepaws for their six-year-old daughter. Four weeks after they got her home, after paying $3,000 to a vet, they had to put the puppy named Sugar down. 
  • Sara Butler got a puppy from PawSafe, as well. Peanut died in her arms on the way to the vet. PawSafe simply offered her another dog.
  • Anne Schmidel and her husband adopted their five-year-old son two puppies. Ruby and Milli died within a few weeks of coming home.


PawSafe used to operate out of Massachusetts. Massachusetts has much stricter laws governing dog adoptions than New York does. After the state shut Scuderi’s operation down there, she took it to New York where it’s easier to skirt the law, and here we are.

New York did enact stricter laws recently, but Scuderi seems to know her way around those. She did post a “proof of vaccine” on a Facebook thread to prove that Riot and Farley were indeed vaccinated. But things are not always as they appear.

That brings me to a complaint I found filed on


A couple adopted a 10-week-old puppy from PawSafe. It fell ill with distemper and died four weeks later. 

“At time of purchase, we signed a contract with a picture of a dog on the contract and a handwritten dog name. We were also told we were receiving a copy of a vaccination record for the dog purchased and the dog contained a microchip.”

“The dog has since been euthanized but we have confirmed evidence that the dog contained no chip and the dog we adopted was not the dog represented on the contract or the health record. This is a clear breach of contract case.”

I do not yet have proof that they switched out the paperwork for Farley and Riot. However, that seems to be how PawSafe operates. The paperwork included with the animals does not belong to that animal.

Scuderi said that we were lying about her attempting to steal Farley and Riot from the vet. When the vet called to alert the family about what was going on, she left that information in a voicemail, which is saved for prosperity. The only person lying, in this case, is Scuderi.

Really, the only thing left to wonder is how in the world she is still getting away with it.

Please share far and wide, so everyone knows not to deal with this horribly dangerous organization. Hopefully, soon we can get her shut down entirely.

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