She Adopts Her Dad's Dog After He Passes Away, Soon She Discovers Heartbreaking News

This story shares the tale of a very happy, loved dog.

Humans and animals share incredible bonds. Mostly anybody would do anything for their pets and our pets would do anything for us. The cost we may pay does not matter.

An Imgur user, KingKizer, told the story of his father who passed away a year ago. You have to read what him and his dog Max went through together.

His father passed away only a short two years ago. He found himself emotional so he wanted to write something to help him work through his feelings. His father adopted Max when he was just 4 months old.


He and his father are pictured above during happy times. This was only about 11 years ago. His father passed away on January 8th, 2015. The family found him on the couch dead.

His father lived alone with only Max by his side. Max probably became excited when company arrived to find his father. Max was likely very scared being stuck there with his father in such a condition.

His sister went through many different jobs over the years: a veteran, vet technician, commercial diver, and a genuine lover of animals. She got deployed to Louisiana during hurricane Katrina. There she rescued many stranded dogs and cats.


His sister drove all the way from Oregon to California which is where dad and Max lived. She adopted Max because none of the father’s family was able to take him. Here is a picture of Max at his new home.

She took Max to the vet as soon as she got him home. The blood work showed bad results. Max had severe cirrhosis of the liver. He did not have long left to live. Max was only two and a half years old.


His sister spent almost $15,000 to get the dog happy and healthy again. Max is now a massive part of their family. He has now become best friends with the rest of the sister’s family. Max lives a new happy life now.

This one was a tear-jerker, but it’s also inspiring.  Share this with your amazing family and friends.

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