Adorable Boxer Dog Never Lets Her Human Dad Out Of Her Sight

One man in Cleveland, Ohio may be the safest dog owner ever. He’s under constant surveillance. As long as he’s at his own house anyway. That’s because Maddie his boxer dog and the sole member of the home’s canine security task force, can’t stand to let her human dad, Mike Taddeo out of her site, reports.

Maddie The Boxer Is One Cute Security Guard

“Whenever I’m outside, Maddie never lets me go unsupervised,” he writes on Twitter. “Here’s proof.”

Even if he’s in his side yard…

Maddie the boxer providing expert supervision. Screenshot by Crazy Buzz via YouTube video “Every breath you take, every move you make,” Maddie is on patrol. Screenshot by Crazy Buzz via YouTube video

…His front yard…

Maddie is still on the job. Screenshot by Crazy Buzz via YouTube video Doggedly intense. Screenshot by Crazy Buzz via YouTube video

…His kitchen…

Me anytime someone has food

— milk (@mike_taddeo) May 21, 2018

…Or his basement…

There is a presence here (2018)

— milk (@mike_taddeo) July 18, 2018

And somehow she manages to do all this quick as a flash. Maddie’s got mad reflexes, she does.

But despite her rather serious demeanor, this dog is one lovable goofball who’s good at her job — keeping her dad safe while he’s in (or around) his own house.

Now, boxers are rather large dogs, and Maddie’s no exception. But while she might look tough, she’s actually quite adorable.

Missing my lil thicc mami

— milk (@mike_taddeo) April 4, 2018

She and her human dad definitely share the love.

— milk (@mike_taddeo) May 24, 2018

Boxers are the very definition of well-built dogs, they are sturdily muscular and have large heads. As such, many people fear that boxers are aggressive when they absolutely aren’t. I’m sure there are exceptions, after all, a Yorkie can bite you if it feels like it, but these big dogs are usually big babies, Animalso reports. Like Maddie, they are friendly and playful and like nothing more than a good belly rub. They aren’t likely to bite anyone, but they are excellent guard dogs who will provide plenty of protection for you and your family.

And that’s just what sweet Maddie is doing in the video below, all while making us laugh!

Featured image by Mike Taddeo via Twitter

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