Adorable Chicken Gets A 3D Printed Leg Designed By An 8th Grader


3D Printers allow a person to design and create a 3D object by joining layers over layers. You can create anything from simple objects like bowls to intricate pieces of art with a 3D printer. If you can dream it up, it can be designed and made on a 3D printer. One group of 8th graders decided to use a 3D printer to make a leg for a chicken who only had one leg. This act of kindness has given a new life to the injured chicken.

Blue, the chicken was only one year old when she found herself injured by a raccoon. The attack which happened in Montoursville, Pennsylvania left her with only one leg. Thankfully, she still had her life, since many of her flock members died during the raccoon raid. Students at East Lycoming School District decided to try and help Blue to walk again.


Students Work Together To Help Blue


Briannah Miller, Blue’s owner explained,

“I know she’s just out here trying to have a normal chicken life and then she lost a leg.”

Miller’s teacher Brandi Dillon and other students in her STEM class used a design tool called Tinker CAD to design the leg. Then they put the design into the 3D printer.

“It was a piece of all four of those students that we kind of combined each of their ideas, and that’s what actually ended up working,” Dillon said.


It took the group 12 times until they could find the proper fit for Blue. Through it all, they never gave up in the hopes of providing her with a functioning leg. “When it walked, it hopped a lot, but it was moving its foot a little bit,” explained eighth grader Mason Hoppes. “I don’t think it’s adjusted to it yet. It’s pretty neat how it was able to stay stable and walk.”


“I thought it was amazing just knowing that what I did was able to help something,”

marveled student Trynaty Gehr. Even though Blue can now walk on her new leg, the students plan on continuing the work to make it even better for her.



Check out this video, and watch Blue walk again.



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