Adorable Dog ‘Rescues’ Her Human Even Though She Didn’t Need To

Dogs will go to great lengths to come to their human’s aid. Pets of the canine variety have been known to help humans in times of war. Dogs are also there when their humans need a shoulder to cry on. What would we do without our beloved dogs always saving the day? But sometimes they may overreact and come to our rescue when we don’t really need saving. That’s what happened with a sweet pup named Denali when she saw her human Meg take a dive off the family’s swimming pool. The rescue was absolutely adorable.


Not even a screen door was going to stop Denali when Meg dove into the pool. Meg’s sister got the dramatic and adorable rescue attempt on video. Meg was attempting a flip off of the diving board as her sister had the coverage already going before Denali stole the show.

Denali Thought Meg Was Drowning

Denali wasted no time entering the scene like a superhero dog. The screen door was no problem for Denali to get through to save Meg.

Check out Meg’s dive and the sweet rescue attempt by Denali here in this video that Meg posted on Twitter.

Only my dog I’m tellin you ‍♀️

— Meg♕ (@megara_o) July 2, 2019

Now, as for that screen door…well, it might need fixing. But that’s just a minor detail. When Denali saw Meg dive in the water without her faithful lifeguard by her side, she wasted no time in doing what she thought was right. Meg holds no grudge against Denali for breaking through the screen door. A dog will do what a dog needs to do to get to her human in distress.


“I know she’ll always do whatever to be by my side and that just really proved it,” she said. Great job Denali. Let’s remember that your dog may be looking out for you when you least expect it. That’s one reason that dogs are known as man’s best friend.

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