Adorable Kitten Literally Stops Traffic, Cops Leap Into Action

Recently in Arlington, Texas things got a little scary.  A motorist was waiting at a traffic light when little kitten ran under his car.  The local police jumped into action the moment they got on the scene.

After leaving a burglary investigation Officer Austin Kidd spotted the motorist stopped on the road trying to flag him down. The officer pulled over to help, expecting that the driver was experiencing car trouble, due to the hot weather in Arlington.

The car wasn’t having issues it was what was under it that was causing traffic to stop.  The driver went on to explain to Officer Kidd that a kitten ran under his car while he was stopped at the light and was still somewhere beneath it. Afraid of causing any harm to the confused kitten,  the driver decided to stop his car.  He tried free the feline but his attempts had failed.

And now as the Office peeked under the car the kitten quickly darted to the only spot he could find.  In between the rear wheel and the brake rotor.  Not a good spot for a kitten and the driver was right the cat would have been hurt had he moved the car.

With some assistance from his partner Officer Rob Phillips, they carefully removed the wheel to free the kitten.

The cat quickly darted back into traffic and ended up under another car stopped at a traffic light.  The officers notified the motorist before he started to move and got him to put the car in park. With the kitten caught under another vehicle, the police called animal control to save the curious cat this time and take him to a shelter.

At this time the police called animal control to save the kitten before he could play in the traffic.  The animal control officer picked up the cat and got him to safety.

They reported that the cat looked slightly malnourished and dehydrated, but appeared to have no serious injuries from his time on the road.

Thanks to all the officers and motorist who took the time to make sure this feline was safe and sound.

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