Adorable Litter Of Puppies With Names Inspired By Taco Bell Search For Forever Homes


If you are reading this, you probably are aware that shelters are flooded with unwanted dogs. Sadly, many are euthanized every day. Sometimes wonderful people step in as foster parents to take dogs in as they await forever homes. One foster parent decided to get creative in giving her foster pups names so that they would be noticed and adopted. Let’s take a look at what she did.


Facebook/Ally Turley Young

Foster parents, Ally and Steven Young thought they were fostering a male terrier, but soon realized they were only half correct. The sweet little terrier that they named “Taco Belle” was actually a pregnant female. Puppies soon followed, nine to be exact.


The Youngs decided to stick with the Taco Belle theme by naming puppies after menu items. If you love tacos and puppies, you are going to super love these faces and their names.


Facebook/Ally Turley Young

It is believed that the puppies are Wirehaired Fox Terrier Mixes.


The Plan Worked


Naming the puppies after Taco Bell Menu items must have worked because several of the puppies have already been adopted. Chalupa, Cinnamon Twist, Quesarito and Fiesta Potato have found their forever homes. However, Gordita, Bellegrande, Crunchwrap Supreme, and Dorito Loco are still waiting for their families.


Facebook/Ally Turley Young

As you may have imagined, the public response to these adorable puppies and their names have been very positive. One person said, “I’ve never wanted a chalupa more.” Another said, “OMG the names! I need the whole menu!”


Facebook/Ally Turley Young

If you would like to apply for one of these Taco Bell Puppies, contact and apply through the Country Roads Animal Rescue. And remember that you can change their names if you are not a fan of Taco Bell Food. We don’t think the puppies would mind one bit. All they require is a home with someone to love and care for their needs. In return, you get a friend for life.


Facebook/Ally Turley Young

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