Adorable Little Pup Is So Concerned Watching Favorite Toy Get ‘Surgery’


Some people are easy to buy for and some are very difficult to buy for. The same holds true for dogs.  That’s why Jenny Chau Le was happy when her dog Simba loved the plush Grinch toy that she bought him. However, he liked it so much that it’s becoming a bit of a problem as it wears out. Now she may be regretting this gift.


Jenny Chau Le

Simba loves the stuffed toy Grinch so much that he has it with him all the time. Because Simba is a Yorkshire Terrier, the stuffed Grinch is as big as him. The Grinch is the perfect size for cuddling up with for the little dog.


As you can probably imagine, the stuffed Grinch has had a lot of wear and tear from usage. In fact, it was so worn that Chau Le thought of replacing it. But then she realized that Simba would be devastated to lose his Grinch toy.


Jenny Chau Le

Simba Does Not Want To Be Without The Grinch


The Grinch has had to be sewn back together many times. “I would say 20 times,” Chau Le reports.


Jenny Chau Le

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