Adorable otter is a maniac, but when we see why, it's positively adorable

Everybody loves otters, and why wouldn’t they? One of the cutest animals in the world, otters make you want to just snuggle up with them. But, trying to snuggle with them would probably be a bad idea. It is not arguable that otters are cute, but like all cute animals, they can be ugly too. Being a carnivore, otters eat fish, insects, amphibians, and mollusks. In order to eat these things, they have special teeth. If you ever saw one eating, you would realize they look like a maniac,  and not a sweet furry animal. One bite from them, and you could lose a finger! For that reason, I would stay away from trying to pet an otter.

Another Otter and All the Cuteness Continues…

At a young age, the otter in the video needed to be rescued.  After his rescue, he was taken to an otter center which is where he still lives. Although he has people feeding him daily, he hasn’t gotten quite used to it. Still, he shows his wild nature when being fed.

Animals begging are adorable, and so are otters. When you put them both together, it is way too much cuteness in one space. This Neotropical Otter is a professional beggar. He has the cutest eyes, mouth, and little tiny jumps. Who could say no to this adorable animal?

Next time you consider petting an otter or keeping one as a pet, remember these videos!

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