Adorable Penguin Couple Breaks Into A Sushi Cart


Two little penguins dubbed “wandering vagrants” by the Wellington District Police Department in New Zealand are causing quite a stir. Not only have they wandered into the city, but they chose a sushi stand as their hangout.


Long Lin

The penguin pair are from the species known as korora. Normally korora stay in the harbor, but these two were bold enough to cross a busy four-lane street.


The pair was first seen on Saturday night when police officers saw them. The officers escorted them back to the harbor. They assumed this would be the last that they saw the penguins. But the penguins were already set on making a nest in the city. In fact, they chose a sushi stand named Sushi Bi as a place to nest.


Long Lin, the owner of Sushi Bi started getting questions from customers about the penguins. Lin had no idea that he had penguins at his shop. Many people were stopping by in hopes of seeing the penguins. Turns out that Lin’s uninvited bird guests were good for business.


The penguins were camped out under Lin’s shop. He coaxed them out with salmon. “[I’m] not too sure if it was their favorite food,” Lin said. “[But] they did come. I was sure they were hungry.”


Long Lin

Lin Was Surprised By How Heavy The Penguins Were

Lin was able to hold the birds as he removed them from under his shop. He was surprised at how hefty they felt despite their small size. “They were pretty heavy for their size — like a stuffed toy,” Lin said. “And they were defiant, not shy at all.”


There are approximately 600 pairs of penguins living in the harbor by Lin’s shop. But so far, these are the first ones that have been known to make it to his sushi stand. “We often have penguins in the harbor, but to have them in the city is rare,” Senior Sergeant Quentin Ward explained. “The irony that they end up under a sushi cart.”


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