Happy Puppy Can’t Stop Wagging Her Tail After Leaving The Shelter With Her New Family


Matilda has never lost her vest for life. When the pitbull puppy was first found, someone took her into the Douglas County Animal Shelter in Georgia. While some dogs are withdrawn when brought into a shelter, Matilda stayed happy. In fact, she wagged her tail at every person and at every chance she got.



Santina Sanders is a volunteer at the shelter that took Matilda in. She videoed the happy puppy and shared it on Facebook. The video brought a smile to so many. Matilda just kept on being happy despite not having a family of her own. “And she gave the most sweetest kisses,” Santina Sanders said. “She was the cutest thing ever.”



Matilda Received The Care That She Needed


Matilda arrived at the Douglas County Animal Shelter with worms and irritated skin to go along with it. A foster home was soon provided for the sweet pup thanks to a coordinator, Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo.



Pibbles & More Animal Rescue wrote on Facebook, “The dictionary definition of ‘joy’ is: ‘noun: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness’ This is the picture next to that definition in the dictionary. Matilda. She is pure, pure joy.”



Kerrie Rich, Matilda’s foster mom loved Matilda right from the start. Rich reported that Matilda likes to nap with the other foster pups, play with her toys and hang out with neighbor people.



Matilda is appearing to greatly enjoy her foster home, while she waits for a family to adopt her. Even though this is not her forever home, something tells me that Matilda will adjust just fine at her future home. For now, Matilda is just enjoying life and her foster people with her whole heart.



When Matilda gets adopted, Rich will foster another dog from the shelter. For now, though life is just grand for Rich and Matilda and her wagging tail.

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