Affectionate Pit Bull on the Street Jumps into Cop Car for Help Finding Family

In Walnut Creek, California an affectionate pit bull had gotten separated from her family. Clearly, she didn’t want to wait for someone to notice her. Instead, she took matters into her own paws. This sweet-natured pit bull jumped found the perfect person.

Image via screen capture from website So Share This

Looking for Her Family

Earlier this month, around 5:45 pm, this kind pit bull jumped into a cop car. Walnut Creek Police Officer Akers got the surprise of the day.

Pit bulls often get a bad rap, and sometimes shot on sight. However, Akers knew this little girl needed his help. His cop car was her salvation.  Taking to social media, the police officer posted a photo of the dog with the message;

“Tonight at around 5:45 p.m., this little girl knew she was in trouble and took it upon herself to jump into one of our parked patrol cars and let Officer Akers know she was lost.”

Sweet and Innocent Baby

Officer Akers knew exactly what to do in this situation.

Image by Walnut Creek Police Department via So Share This

He hoped the dogs family would be looking for her at the local animal shelter. On the ride over Akers realized how sweet-natured this pit bull was. She fell asleep in his lap while in the front seat of the cop car. On the way to Contra Costa Animal Services, the police department added: “She is well trained, can sit, stay, and lay down.”

Upon arrival at Animal Services, they found no microchip to identify her. They turned to social media in hopes to find her family.

Fun facts about our new friend: she has painted nails, fell asleep in Officer Aker’s lap and napped the entire ride to @CCAnimalSrvs, she is well trained, can sit, stay, and lay down. Would love to be reunited with her family, or be apart of yours if she is unclaimed. (2 of 2)

— Walnut Creek PD (@walnutcreekpd) July 2, 2018

To show her thanks, she gave the police officer the biggest kiss. They also posted on Facebook to get the story circulated.

UPDATE: QUINN HAS BEEN REUNITED WITH HER FAMILY! Thank you for everyone’s efforts in bringing her home!UPDATE: No one…

Posted by Walnut Creek Police Department on Sunday, July 1, 2018

Reunited With Her Family

Everyone who saw the story shared it through social media. Everyone had happy news for the ones who have been following the story. Quinn, the name of the pit bull who jumped in the cop car, has been reunited with her family.

Quinn (the dog who jumped into our Patrol Car when she was lost last week) was reunited with her family yesterday! Thank you to everyone who shared her story!
Quinn’s family says she’s a year and a half old, has since been microchipped, and is a sweetheart to all who know her!

— Walnut Creek PD (@walnutcreekpd) July 11, 2018

Everyone had big smiles on their faces, especially Quinn. The world would just like to thank Officer Akers and the Walnut Creek PD for taking such great care of this sweet baby!

Featured Image by Walnut Creek PD via screenshot from So Share This

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