After baby eagles fall out of the nest, they can't wait to reunite with their mom

Kathy Pitts was in the right place at the right time when she found two eaglets on the ground. She was walking her dog when her dog caught the scent of the little birds. Thankfully, because they were found in time, action was taken to rescue the little birds.

Image Source: Keith’s Frame Of Mind

When Pitts found the duo, they looked like chickens with downy, grey feathers. But Pitts knew that they were not chickens. They were actually the eaglets of a pair of bonded eagles named Ricky and Lucy. The couple has been nesting in the area since 2013. It was not so long ago that Ricky and Lucy lost a pair of eaglets. Quick action was taken so nature did not repeat itself this time around.

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The Eaglets Were Too Young To Survive Outside Of The Nest

Pitts called retired wildlife expert, Jaye Moore to help. Moore wasted no time to take the eaglets to a veterinary center. It was determined by the veterinarian that the eaglets were only 3 to 4 weeks old. They should have remained in the nest for 2 more months.

Image Source: Keith’s Frame Of Mind

Keith Ross, a wildlife photographer captured the rescue.  “They’re very slow moving, very aware and alert, but you could tell they were very much out of their element,” Ross said. He added that they are “Very sweet, very soft, pudgy little things.”

The next action that needed to take place was to get the eaglets back into their nest. Casey Balch, owner of Pacific Northwest Tree Service rushed in to help. As Balch returned the eaglets to the nest, the eagle parents supervised his every move.

Ross commented on what he saw as the eaglets were returned to the nest. “Once he got up on the tree he put the chicks in the little green duffle bag and pulled them up and placed them back into the nest. The female eagle was circling the whole time he was up there, watching him,” Ross said.

Image Source: Keith’s Frame Of Mind

The rescue has been a success much to the delight of the community. “Everyone gets excited when they have chicks,” Ross said. “And then for them to fall out of the nest and for them to get replaced back, it’s pretty special. Hopefully, they stay in this time!”

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