Little Animal Found By Workers After Being Buried In Stone On A Construction Site


There are fairy tales of people turning into stone statues. Because they are fictional stories, it can be fun to imagine such silly things. Sadly, this was almost the fate of one elderly raccoon. She wasn’t turning into stone but she did fall into concrete that was hardening around her. Thank goodness for fast thinking people and wildlife rehabilitators she did not perish in the cement.



This scene takes place at an Arizona cement plant. Workers at the plant noticed that an animal had fallen into a slab of drying concrete. They could see fur sticking up out of the concrete. Without delay, the workers lowered a wooden plank into the cement. The fatigued raccoon grabbed on but then slipped back into the cement.


Neither the workers nor the tired raccoon gave up. The people tried again, and this time she was pulled out of the death trap. The workers called the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center (SWCC) because cleaning her off was going to be a job for experts.



“The harder this poor raccoon struggled to free herself the further she sank,” A SWCC Facebook post stated.  “Evening temps were cool that night, and as the cement began to set up, she was losing body heat. It’s a wonder she survived.”




The Raccoon Gets A Haircut


The only way it seemed to help the little creature was to cut her hair off. Which is exactly what they did.


All of the hard work to remove the cement paid off. “She’s doing well health-wise. She really loves her diet. She’s getting lots of really great food — fruits, vegetables, and mealworms — all different types of stuff that she really likes,” Searles said. “For now, she’s just resting and recovering from her ordeal. It must have been terrifying to be in a vat of liquid concrete all night.”



The little raccoon’s future looks bright thanks to her rescuers. “She’s an older raccoon and has lost quite a few of her teeth,” Searles said. “After she puts some weight on and grows her hair back, the doctor will reevaluate her and decide if she’s a candidate for release.”

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