Man Rescues A Sick Duck And Records The Emotional Reunion Between The Duck And It’s Family


Chad Emrick is a kind man with a soft place in his heart for all of God’s creatures. Around his home in Florida is a family of ducks that he watches out for. They are like pets to him even though they are free and wild. One day he noticed that one was unable to walk. With no guarantees that he could help, he still did all he could. The result of his kindness is a duckling reunited with his family today.


Instagram / @ChadEmrick

“I’ve always been an animal lover and always try to do my best to help out,” Chad said. When he saw a duckling not acting right, he contacted a local rehab professional. Emrick was told that the duck was probably suffering from botulism poisoning. Botulism is a disease that is foodborne. It can kill ducks and even make humans very sick if left untreated.


It was a happy and tearful reunion for Chad to be a part of.


Thanks to Chad’s quick thinking, just one week later the duckling was in full health. Chad got to be present when he was united with his family. The reunion brought happy tears to his eyes.


Instagram / @ChadEmrick

“It was all I could do to not melt right into the sidewalk, seeing the little guy waddle over to his siblings, when the last time I had seen him he couldn’t even stand up,” Emrick said.


Chad hopes that this ducklings story inspires others to help animals in need. “It feels amazing knowing I was able to make a difference,” he said. “Seeing all of the ducks’ reactions was all I could have hoped for.”





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