Chino Was Abandoned At A California Church–God Took Interest

Tossed Aside and Abandoned

Chino’s humans forsook him and abandoned him on the grounds of a church in the middle of the night. He spent the whole night hoping they might come back to collect him, but they never did.

The next morning, when church workers arrived and found Chino, they discovered him in rough shape. Tattered, balding fur from years of being neglected and skin irritated by fleas and the mange, Chino was in need of some TLC.

His eyes were so cloudy and full of discharge that they thought he must be blind. Because he was malnourished, walking was difficult for Chino.

At ten years old, it seemed he was in dire straits. Thankfully, the church workers were fast to act on Chino’s behalf and called Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue. Zach Skow, the founder of Marley’s Mutts, came to Chino’s aid.

Skow said, “His eyes were almost rotten–they had been badly infected for a long time, and we thought he would end up losing them.”

To The Rescue!

Thanks to fast action in getting Chino the medical help he sorely needed Chino was on the road to recovery and two weeks later, Skow reported, “He’s playful, happy and running around.”

Now Chino has found his forever home, where he gets the love and attention he deserves.

Source: Animals Melt My Heart

Images Source: Pixabay

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