10 year old Saint Bernard is found tangled in branches left alone for 17 days in the bitter cold

Old Lady, this 10-year-old Saint Bernard, spent a majority of her life in Wisconsin at a puppy mill. Luckily, a nearby foster home rescued her, so she could live in a safe environment.

At the start of the new year, a snowfall scared Old Lady off, and she ran away from her owner. Spending hours in search of her, no one in the area could find her. As if things were not already bad enough, her thick warm fur was just shaved down. With that and the cold temperatures, Old Lady would die quickly out in the weather.

Seventeen days after this, a man walking in Minnesota with his grandson saw something in the trees. Freezing and helpless, Old Lady stood right before them. As they approached what they saw, they realized it was a dog. Unable to move, her leash was tangled throughout the branches.

After finding her, they called the police. Once they received the man’s call, they contacted Ruff Start Rescue who had already searched for Old Lady. Because of the dog’s age, the staff could not believe she survived the freezing temperatures.

The dog had a past of being scared and apprehensive at first. Because of this, the team at Ruff Start Rescue knew they needed to approach her calmly and carefully. If they moved the wrong way or too quickly, the dog would surely run away, and they may never have had an opportunity to save her again.

When they rescued her, she appeared shivering and malnourished. Otherwise, her vitals seemed perfectly fine. She managed to survive all alone in freezing temperatures with no food or water.

Watch the video to see how Old Lady is now moving on to the next chapter of her life!

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