Maltese Is Rescued After Spending An Entire Week Floating On Couch After Hurricane

It’s impossible to have missed the news. Recently North Carolina was struck with a devastating hurricane. Sadly, when that sort of tragedy strikes, animals often get left behind. Whether the owners couldn’t get them out on time, or they simply left them there to die — animal advocates rush in after every storm to help our four-legged friends in the worst time of their lives.

Today, we would like to bring you the story of a few of these unsung heroes and a little dog that survived against all odds.


In Burgaw, North Carolina, the storm hit with floods that forced hundreds of people from their homes. Sadly, some of those people left their pets behind. The owners of a dog named Soshe left the little Maltese, but it wasn’t their fault. They were out of town and couldn’t get back to get her in time. They frantically called Animal Control hoping to get her help.

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When the Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO) found out about Soshe’s predicament, they went to work. However, for several days, it was absolutely impossible to find the right house. The entire neighborhood was under so much water, you see, that it was up to the rooftops.

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Rescuers couldn’t find the house for a week. In that time, the flood waters stayed so high, no one thought little Soshe would make it.


Finally, the water levels in Burgaw started to drop. The team went back in hoping for a miracle. Even though the flood waters were still six to seven feet high, they went back in. Luckily, they spotted something that matched the description of the house. Just then, though, their boat broke down.

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But they didn’t let that stop them. We did tell you they were heroes, after all.


Instead of giving up, the rescuers simply paddled the rest of the way to the house. They heard barking as they pulled up and jumped into the water to see what they could do.

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Holding on to the underside of what appears to be a porch, rescuers attempted to kick the door in. Finally, after several tries, they were able to break through.

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One of the heroes held the door open while the other one went inside. She found that Soshe had survived the hurricane by floating on a couch. The rescuer grabbed Soshe and got her out of there as fast as she could.


In just a few moments, Soshe was in another rescuers arms and getting the comfort she most certainly needed.

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And just a few moments after that, Soshe got her first meal in nearly a week.

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Now, here’s what we know about Soshe’s owners. The lady in the photo below is a friend of the family. She said that Soshe’s owner was in tears when she got the news that her fur baby made it.

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Reportedly, the owner is still in Delaware, as her house is entirely under water. Soshe will stay with friends of the family until someone can pick her up.

One thing is certain, the people swimming in flood water after a hurricane to save these dogs deserve an award. From Animals Being Cute, thank you for all that you do. Watch the video of Soshe’s rescue below.

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