After The Mom German Shepherd Gives Birth, Dad Does Something Extraordinary

The birthing process is difficult for all species. Indeed, it is a moment no mother will ever forget. Female German Shepherds don’t have it any more relaxed than the rest of us, and on average they labor for 6 to 18 hours.


How long it takes is based on a few factors including how many litters they have had before, the size of the litter, and the size of the puppies.

For German Shepherds, a typical litter could range from at least five all the way to ten or more puppies. Like all birthing mothers, during the process, we do whatever we can to get comfortable. That is no different for German Shepherds or any other dog, as you will see in the video below.

You can hear the poor thing crying as she struggles to make it through the most painful thing she will ever experience. That is, until, dad steps in.

During birth, some male dogs like to stay as far away as possible and just grumble until it’s over, just like some humans would probably prefer. Now that then, however, a mate surprises everyone with their tender love and affection for the mom.


In a video courtesy of YouTube user Eric Alexanyan, an adorable litter of 12 German Shepherd puppies arrived, and the parents are obviously exhausted.

The parents, Moni and Rex, can be seen laying with their heads as close as they can get. It is obvious that Rex is tuned into his partner and knows that she is in pain.

Rex then steps in to comfort his partner in ways that will melt your heart. He licks her muzzle gently and consistently in a loving manner while she nurses her adorable puppers. The scene so touched the hearts of their owners that they grabbed the nearest camera and caught the whole thing.

Luckily for us, they did, now we can all sit back and enjoy the tender loving moment that is enough to fill any heart with joy and love.

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