6-year-old neighbor girl jumps into action to help dogs being attacked by coyotes

sHeroes come in all shapes and sizes. For one lucky dog saved from a coyote attack, her hero was a 6-year-old girl. Let’s take a look at how the story unfolded.

Alina Funk heard unusual sounds at 6 AM one morning. She immediately got up and looked out her window to see that a coyote was attacking her neighbor’s dog. The little Bichon Frise named Fluffy had somehow escaped her neighbor’s yard and was being attacked by a coyote.

“All I saw is like the coyote’s nose and then I saw the little doggie. That’s all I saw, mostly,”

The little girl knew that Fluffy needed help, so she ran to wake her mother and stepfather. The parents sprang from the bed and ran to rescue Fluffy. Thankfully, they made it just in time. Fluffy was injured but she was still alive.

Alina Even Took Care Of Fluffy After The Attack

Fluffy was brought inside and Alina went right to work consoling the dog. “She nurtured her, and just kind of made her feel comfortable around the house,” Alina’s mother, Claudia Funk proudly explained.

In fact, coyotes are capable of killing dogs much bigger than a Bichon Frise. Instead, thanks to Alina’s quick thinking, Fluffy only sustained three bites from the attack. She will be fine thanks to Alina saving her life.

Apparently, the coyote that attacked Fluffy was not the only coyote that has been around the neighborhood. Neighbors have reported seeing an increase in coyotes in the area. Residents were advised to keep their small pets inside. Coyotes have been known for killing small dogs and cats. Coyotes that run in packs can even kill much larger dogs and cats when they work together.

Watch how the little girl springs into action to save the neighbor’s dogs.

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