An Adorable Unlikely Duo Got to Stay Together Thanks to This 'Walking Dead' Star

When you see an unlikely duo like the “couple” you are about to meet, zombies aren’t generally the first thing you think about. Well, that’s all about to change thanks to one Walking Dead superstar. When he found out that rescuers would have to separate these two animals after they fell deeply in love with each other, he decided to save the day.


Believe it or not, the unlikely duo in our story is an emu and a donkey cheekily named Jack and Diane. Some renters had abandoned the animals when they left a farm in South Carolina. By the way, Jack is the donkey and Diane is the emu.

Image from Jeffrey Dean Morgan via Facebook

Thankfully, in November Carolina Waterfowl Rescue rescued the animals. Initially, rescuers put Jack in the field with other donkeys and kept him separate from Diane. They put Diane in with the other emus.


Right away, the workers at the rescue noticed that Jack and Diane were definitely not okay. Instead of settling into their new homes, the unlikely duo spent their time pacing and crying, each looking for the other one.

The workers knew just what to do. As soon as they placed Jack and Diane in the same enclosure, though, they calmed right down.

Image screenshot from Carolina Waterfowl Rescue via Facebook Video

Though it was utterly adorable, workers at the rescue quickly grew worried about the couple. You see, finding adoptive parents for these types of animals can be difficult enough. Now, they had to find parents willing to take on both of these animals at once.


Oddly enough, about that time The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan found out about Jack and Diane. Jeffrey and his wife, Hilarie Burton of One Tree Hill fame, decided they couldn’t imagine separating the adorable and unlikely duo.

Image from Jeffrey Dean Morgan via Facebook

The celebrity couple decided then and there that they would adopt Jack and Diane.


Jack and Diane aren’t going to be alone, of course. Morgan and Burton live on a farm in New York’s Hudson Valley. There, Jack and Diane join many other animals including other donkeys, cows, and alpacas.

Image from Jeffrey Dean Morgan via Facebook

It’s evident that Morgan will love the unlikely duo nearly as much as they love each other.

“Doing great! Working on giving diane more heat at night… though she seems pretty damn happy,” he wrote on Facebook. “(Still learning how to speak some emu.) Jack, however, told me they are loving their new spread. (I do speak a little donkey.) ❤️”

Thank you, Mr. Morgan, for doing right by these animals. Don’t worry, you can keep up with Jack and Diane. Morgan promised to keep posting updates on his social media accounts, thank goodness.

Here is some videos of Jack and Diane. We are getting a lot if messages right now and ask that people interested in adopting email the phone lines are for injured birds and they do not have information on animals for adoption. Media, you may use our pictures and video as long as you give us credit. We are amazed at how far reaching this story is!! Some other questions we are getting asked do they cuddle or snuggle. While they huddled together for the trailer ride home donkeys and Emus by nature really dont cuddle or snuggle. So you wont really see pictures of them doing this. Inwishbinhad taken one when we unloaded but it was late and they were stressed. We determined they were bonded based on the behaviour when they were separated. Also Jack attacked another donkey who got NEAR Diane. He is protective of her. We tried letting Diane near our emu Dino and we struck out again. They.are perfectly happy together. Jack does not want any other donkeys near him or Diane. They cant be housed with other donkeys or emus. I think all the hoopla is tiring them out and we have asked for a break for them. This is a new place and they havent had a ton of human contact. They are friendly but not used to this traffic. Donations for their rescue and of other animals are greatly needed. for info on donating.

Posted by Carolina Waterfowl Rescue on Thursday, November 8, 2018

Featured Image from Jeffrey Dean Morgan via Facebook

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