Animals Love Hugging and Cuddling as Much as Humans Do and It’s Adorable!

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Who doesn’t love getting warm hugs? It gives us great joy in life to receive a hug. Whether it is from a friend or a family member, we love the comfort they bring us. However, cuddling isn’t limited to just humans. Animals love hugs and cuddles as much as we do.

As pet owners will tell you, their cats and dogs love getting hugs. Though, those who own more than your usual pet, will tell you the animals love getting attention. From a goose who runs to open arms for a warm hug to a donkey that can’t get enough cuddles, the video below is adorable!

Prepare to have your heart melted.

Goose runs to owners arms for a warm hug

goose running to open arms of woman
Image via screencapture from video via website Good Times

The goose was so excited to see her owner that it couldn’t help but run into the woman’s open arms. Such an adorable show of affection, you can see the goose’s head thrown back as it runs forward.

Horse rubs lips against owner’s nose

horse giving owner a kiss on the nose
Image via screencapture from video via website Good Times

How could you not want kisses from a horse? Their kisses are the best! He must have gotten a kick out of his horse surprising him with a kiss on the nose.

How about a donkey who loves nothing more than to cuddle?

donkey giving woman a hug
Image via screencapture from video via website Good Times

It is obvious he couldn’t wait for a good cuddle. Everyone gets a good laugh out of this donkey being super cute. Would you hug a donkey?

This dog pets and kisses owner’s head during a nap

dog petting man's head during a nap
Image via screencapture from video via website Good TImes

Nothing is better when animals love to give us cuddles in return. Take these two, for instance. This man seems to be napping. And how cute is it that his dog gives him a pet on the head and a kiss goodnight?

But nothing can beat this baby elephant’s excitement when it gets a hug from the visitor

animals love cuddling and this elephant hugs a man
Image via screencapture from video via website Good Times

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I’d want to be in that man’s position. Baby elephants are extremely adorable, although I wouldn’t want one to sit on me. A good hug with the trunk would suffice!

Animals love being adorable and we are all for it!

These are just a few instances where animals love to get attention. Here is an adorable video that shows just how cute it is to have animals cuddle us!

Featured Image via screencapture from video via website Good Times

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