Anonymous complaint causes firehouse kitten to lose the only home she’s ever known

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There are people in this world who willingly take up the position of being a busy-body. They get into other people’s business and stir up trouble. That is exactly what one anonymous complainer did to a fire station that had a cat living at the station.


Photos: Instagram/fire_cat_edna


The EMS members in the San Francisco Fire Department had to say goodbye to their pet cat due to an anonymous complaint. The department had a pet tortoiseshell cat named Edna. Edna wandered into the station as a kitten 4 years ago. But now she was no longer allowed to live there. A petition was started on social media in an effort to raise awareness so that the department could keep Edna. But sadly, the end result was that the cat had to go.


The San Francisco Fire Department issued a statement.  It said, “the workplace in question is not a fire station, but an ambulance deployment facility where medical supplies, equipment, and pharmaceuticals used by ambulance staff are housed. An investigation concluded that having the cat in the facility compromised the sterility of supplies and equipment used on patients.”


Photos: Instagram/fire_cat_edna


As a last-ditch effort, Edna got certified as a therapy cat. A post on social media stated, “Edna is now a certified therapy cat through the SF SPCA!!” But this too failed. Sadly, Edna was forced to leave the station.


Photos: Instagram/fire_cat_edna

A Happy Ending


But thankfully, this story has a happy ending. One of the staff at the fire department adopted Enda. This meant that Edna would not have to go and live with complete strangers. The department issued this statement: “We are happy to report that a member of the Ambulance Deployment Facility has volunteered to adopt the cat as a pet at home, where she will be well cared for,” Ideally, she could have stayed at the fire department, but this was the next best thing.






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