Another Adoption Gone Awry In New York–Patches Needs Your Help

Sadly, readers, another adoption has gone awry in the state of New York. Debi Higgins Coombs and her family from Saratoga Springs adopted a puppy at the end of April. At the time, the people at the Queensbury SPCA assured her that the puppy was in excellent health.

Her husband chose the name Patches for the family’s new fur baby.


Unfortunately, just like the other adoption nightmare we told you about, it only took a few days for Patches to get sick. Only six days after arriving home, Patches reportedly became “violently ill.”

Image via Patches GoFundMe

Debi rushed her to the vet, of course, only to get terrifying news. The vet diagnosed Patches with canine parvovirus. Parvo is a horribly dangerous and often fatal virus that lays dormant and can be undetectable. It’s incredibly easy for an unvaccinated puppy to pick up parvo. Since it lays dormant, dogs don’t appear sick for up to 14 days.

People take home puppies that are in perfect health, only to watch them approach death’s door within a few days.

Sadly, that’s exactly what happened to Patches. She was too young to be properly vaccinated and should have been housed separately from the other dogs. It appears as though someone dropped the ball.


Unlike last time, I have not spoken directly with anyone connected to this story. Debi contacted my editor. I do know that Debi alerted the SPCA to the problems with the dog. They refused to help her financially, nor will they return her adoption fee of $390.

According to what Debi wrote on her GoFundMe page, she did ask a representative from the SPCA why they didn’t warn her about the risk of parvo. Reportedly, they told her that they were afraid that if she knew the risk, she wouldn’t adopt the dog.

This is not the same organization we dealt with before. Sadly, though, it appears as though this is a problem with other organizations, as well.


“Patches was so weak she couldn’t even lift her little head. It was something so pathetic to see that I cried looking at her in her quarantined area,” wrote Debi. “I prayed that she would survive but there were no guarantees.”

Patches needed heavy IV medication and fluids quickly. After three-and-a-half days in the hospital, Patches felt well enough to come home. Currently, she is with her loving family in her forever home, and every day she feels a little better.


This time, at least, Patches pulled through. However, the family is left with a massive bill, and that’s where you come in.

Patches and her family need your help. She pulled through, but now her family needs to get those bills paid so she can stay at home where she belongs.

No matter how small, any amount at all will help patches stay at home with her forever family. Please click here to go to Patches GoFundMe page. Thanks, everyone!

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