Potholes Can Be Dangerous For You and Your Pet–Here's What You Need To Know

Winter is nearing its end, and with it begins the season of potholes and construction. You don’t expect this to impact you when you have passengers in your vehicle, but one dog mom in Minnesota found out that potholes are not so simple.

Bailie and Madison were along for a car ride with their owner to nose work class. Sadly, they missed most of the class due to an incident on the road. As prepared as any mother thinks they are, it’s difficult to guess what having dogs in a car will change.

The family was driving along a busy highway at an average speed, and they shifted to the right lane to take an exit. However, the mother noticed a huge pothole too late and was unable to avoid it.

They were able to continue rolling for another mile and a half. Other vehicles had hit the same pothole and were pulled off to the side of the road. During this drive, the car was loud and shaking—obviously, something was wrong. The family made it to a VW dealership and inspected the car there. The mother found that the two passenger side tires were flat and shredded.

The family was shaken, and the mother was concerned about the damage that she couldn’t immediately see. She spoke with the service department at the dealership and decided that it was best to get a rental.

How Dogs Change The Situation

Acquiring a rental is not as easy with dogs. For one, the mother learned that it was a good thing to have the seat cover that draped over the back seat. Without this, it’s possible that a rental company may turn you away.

This mother was surprisingly on top of things in other ways, too. The back of the car contains a storage space with a muzzle, waste bags, and leashes of varied lengths. Though everyone isn’t a fan of the concept of a muzzle, they can be helpful if a dog gets scared or injured and prevent them from biting out of fear. The muzzle wasn’t needed, but having short leashes was a good idea for keeping the dogs close at hand.

Also, when hitting potholes and your dog isn’t properly harnessed, they could become seriously injured from the jerking of the car or smacked into a window.

If you frequently travel with dogs, it may be a good idea to keep such items in your vehicle, as well as anything else that may come in handy to keep you and your pets safe!

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