Arizona Finally Passes Ban On Wildlife Killings

The killing of coyotes, foxes and other animals for prize money is now illegal in Arizona. The state just passed a ban on all wildlife killing contests for those animals. Killing just for sport is cruel, wasteful and barbaric. Thankfully, Arizona has said no more to such actions.

The ban passed unanimously in June. It will go into effect in 60 days. The ban, however, does not apply to the lawful hunting of predators.

The Humane Society Speaks Out

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has fully backed the ban from the beginning. They stated,

“The momentum against these contests reflects changing attitudes among citizens and a growing disgust toward the cruelty and inanity of these events. Twenty years ago, this same Regulatory Review Council rejected a similar opportunity to approve a ban. But this time, its members found it difficult to ignore a rising groundswell of citizen opposition. Nearly 5,000 people submitted comments to the Arizona Game and Fish Commission, and an overwhelming majority expressed support for the rule.”

Many people who love animals have been protesting against killing for sport for years. HSUS stated,

“These competitive killing events are simply a bloodbath for entertainment purposes, with participants glorifying kill numbers over respect for the animals and their habitat.”

New Mexico Also Has Banned Killing For Sport

Arizona joins New Mexico which also banned killing animals for sport. California, Colorado, Vermont, and Maryland have added restrictions and partial bans to animal killing contests. If enough animal supporters put pressure on lawmakers, maybe other states will also place a ban on wildlife killing contests.

If you live in a state that still allows these cruel killing contests, you can help to push for a ban in your state with the help of a toolkit by HSUS. Let’s all come together to put an end to this cruelty for good.

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