Audience at the Westminster Dog Show were shocked by this bulldog’s agility performance

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Bulldogs are known for their extremely lazy personalities. Along with being lazy, many Bulldogs are also stubborn. When it comes to exercise, Bulldogs are not the main breed to be necessarily “fit.” But this Bulldog is beating the odds!


If you know any Bulldogs, then you would understand their constant need for naps and tummy rubs. Occasionally, their owners have to drag them outside to go to the bathroom. Rudy, an English Bulldog, never gives his owner any trouble when it comes to being lazy. In fact, many people would argue he is the exact opposite. This dog is one “fit” Bulldog.

During the Westminster Dog Show, Rudy showed off his skills. Surprisingly the big boy was quite fast. If you are not familiar with what the dog show entails, it is quite simple. The performers have to get through the obstacle course as quickly and correctly as they can.


Most of the time, dogs like the Border Collie win because of their speed and agility. But Rudy was giving his competitors an unexpected run for their money. He shocked the world when he ran the course in just 50 seconds. Which is almost unheard of for a Bulldog.


Even though Rudy gave it his all, he did not win. Rudy is a winner in our books because of how cute and agile he was. Not only was he a great performer, but also a great entertainer! We hope to see Rudy do an obstacle course sometime soon. If he does we are rooting for first place. Go Rudy!


If you are interested in seeing Rudy run through the obstacle course, then please enjoy the video below, where your mind will be blown by the speed of this Bulldog!


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