Authorities search for man who tossed puppies out of his car like garbage

Sadly, all kinds of horrible people make up this world that we live in. There are some very abusive and mean people out there who are abusive to animals. Thankfully, there are also kind people that step in to do something about it. This is the story of both types and a happy ending for some puppies.

A person in Spring, Texas witnessed a filled bag being thrown out of a motor vehicle. The good samaritan stopped to investigate and found out that the person did not just throw trash out of their vehicle. Inside the bag was filled with puppies. All of the puppies had survived the toss. It would not have taken long for them to suffocate or be hit by a vehicle had not someone stopped to help.

The man who rescued the puppies alerted the staff from the Harris County Animal Shelter. They took in the puppies and found foster homes for them.  Hopefully, all of the pups will eventually find loving homes. In the meantime, the puppies are now safe, well fed and receiving good care.

Always Report Animal Abuse

The criminal who dumped the puppies has not yet been found. An animal cruelty report has been filed and an investigation continues. Hopefully, the person who did this cruel act will be brought to justice. There is always an answer, that doesn’t need to involve inflicting harm on animals. Those puppies could have been dropped off at a shelter instead of thrown out of a moving vehicle. If you ever spot animal cruelty, try to get a license plate or identification of the person and then report them.

Thanks to the man who stopped to help get these pups off the side of the road, the Harris County Animal Shelter, and the foster home who took them in, they will have a future, hopefully, filled only with love and compassion.

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