'Baby' Cries Herself To Sleep Every Night In Shelter, Desperately Seeking A Forever Home

Because this Pit Bull Dalmatian mix pup was too much for the owners to handle, the owners gave her back to Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center for re-adoption.

The center introduced the video of Baby by saying, “Meet Baby, the dog with the saddest cries you’ll ever hear.”

While she is very sweet and mild, Baby found it difficult to adjust to living in the shelter.

Ever since baby came to the shelter she has had difficulty adapting to the life there, she has been crying every night before she eventually got to sleep!

As night approaches, the usually loud kennel becomes silent, but Baby cries. How heartbreaking!

Though wary of new people, Baby eventually opens up. She enjoys snuggling and getting petted. The MCASAC went on to say, “Baby is stressed and sad, so please help us find her a new home!”

Since posting the video, the shelter received people to sponsor her adoption fees to help get Baby a home.

Nevertheless, the shelter feels sure they will be able to find her a forever home, and she would appreciate it too.

Baby cries when left alone in her kennel

12/24 Update: Baby has been adopted! 12/19 Update: Baby’s adoption fee has been sponsored by someone who saw her video. She will have no adoption fee!Baby is still available. We are located in Derwood Maryland. In order to be considered for adoption, you would need to first visit our shelter, fill out an application and speak to an adoption counselor. For more information, give us a call at (240) 773-5900 or email us at AdoptMCASAC@MontgomeryCountyMD.gov. Or visit us at 7315 Muncaster Mill Rd. in Derwood MD. Meet Baby, the dog with the saddest cries you’ll ever hear.Baby was brought to our shelter recently by her owner, the only family she has ever known, felt that they could not care for her any longer. Baby, while very sweet and mild mannered, has not been adjusting well to living in a shelter. At night, Baby cries out in her kennel. Our dog kennel area, which is usually filled with lots of loud barking, becomes silent other than Baby’s cries. Baby is 7 years old and very shy. She is wary of new people, but is just nervous, not aggressive. However, once she’s spent a little while with a new person, she opens up and enjoys snuggling and being pet. Baby is stressed and sad, so please help us find a new home for her!

Posted by Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center on Monday, December 18, 2017

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