Baby Giraffe Finds an Unlikely Friend and The Duo is Adorable

When visitor spotted a baby giraffe walking alone in the Meru National Park in Kenya, they knew he needed help quickly. If the newborn wanted to live he was going to either need to find his mother again or someone was going to need to rescue him because poachers would likely try to kill him.

Rescuers from David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) almost immediately came to the baby giraffe rescue. The baby was taken to Nairobi Nursey, where they named him Kiko. As soon as the team arrived they fed him and made sure he was okay. This trust tries its best to keep animals fed and safe from poachers; the giraffe population has gone down by 30% due to these awful people. 

After bringing him back to the nursery, they decided to keep Kiko with the elephants because he was too small to be in the giraffes stockade. At first, Kiko had a really hard time adjusting to his new home. But eventually he found some unlikely friends in the elephant family. The two are named Weiwei and Loboito, they are also very young. The three friends, all orphans, get along very well.

These animals like to play hide and seek, usually the elephant hide under Kiko because he is so tall. The one elephant, Loboito, is obsessed with Kiko; He is attached to his tall friends’ hip. They go everywhere together.

Without the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust these poor babies would have starved to death. The keepers take very good care of all the animals. They also would have never met each other and made everlasting friendships. Now Kiko can live a long life with his friends by his side. 

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