Baby Horse Starts To Drown–A Beautiful Stallion Knows Just What To Do

With a name like Champ, this stallion definitely lives up to his name. Just like any day, Champ, along with his family, grazed along Arizona’s Salt River. Just across the river, another group of horses appeared.

Deciding to be friendly, Champ took some other family members to the other side to say hello.

Sadly, the current’s strength held back one of the smaller horses. Struggling to get through the water, a young horse fell downstream. He even went under for a little bit.

Without hesitation, Champ attempted to grab the horse by the neck. Unfortunately, his grip seemed too loose. Drifting even farther, he started to lose sight of the young horse.

Like any champion, Champ took every measure necessary to save the horse. Risking his own life, he broke out from the group to save him. With a good grip this time, he escorted her safely back to land.

Shaken by the incident, the little horse scurried to her mother for support. Fortunately, she left the lake with no major injuries.

But Champ didn’t forget about the other horses across the river. A little while later, Champ trots across the water like nothing happened.

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