Baby Horse Is Orphaned At Birth–Another Horse Meets Her And Their Reaction is Unbelieveable!

Fun fact: you can tell exactly how a horse is feeling by looking at its ears. Hard to believe right? If their ears are pinned against their head, the horse feels angry and you better watch out before you make it even angrier. Just like humans, horses experience a whole slew of emotions. Horses can also feel grief, which is what two horses went through after a devastating loss.

Dr. Patrick Brogan, a horse fertility specialist, founded the company Equiception. Just a week ago, a horse named Zindita gave birth there. Sadly, her foal passed away. Zindita’s life was on the line because the foal was upside down. Luckily, Dr. Brogan saved Zindita’s life.

Despite his efforts, he couldn’t save the baby, and the foal was stillborn. He could tell Zindita was devastated by the loss of her baby. Two days later, Tolanda gave birth. This time, Tolanda died from complications and let her baby behind all alone.

With two devastating losses, the workers decided to try putting these two horses together. Instantly after introducing them, Zindita and the baby had a strong connection.

The pictures of the two were taken just an hour after being introduced. The photo went viral of the two. From the start, the two looked like mother and daughter. Zindita started to groom her and keep her close, just like she would have with her own filly.

Dr. Brogan claims it’s rare for a horse to be so accepting of another foal. Lucky for these two, that wasn’t the case. Most mares are instantly aggressive against another foal that isn’t theirs. The filly was named Listen Good, which is a combination of Feel Good and Tolanda. What a unique name!

We are glad Zindita and Listen Good bonded so well together…share if you are happy too!

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