Baby Jaguar Found Clinging to Life, Vets Look At The Xrays, They Can't Believe Their Eyes

All sorts of dangers surround wild animals. Sometimes the dangers are man-made. Sometimes the danger is the man himself.

Rescue workers devote their days to saving these wild animals. They fight diligently to save the lives of any animal. Occasionally, their job demands them to work extremely quickly. Sometimes they have just moments to save the life of an animal.

Rescuers in Ecuador are no exception to this. When they received a call about an injured and paralyzed baby jaguar, they knew they would have to work quickly to save him.

When the doctors saw the condition of the jaguar, it broke their hearts. The jaguar was unable to move any of its legs. They would have to operate immediately.

The doctors found the culprit in an X-Ray. More than 18 bullets lodged themselves inside of the jaguar’s body. It was a miracle she was alive.

Veronica Cabrera, a veterinary student at San Francisco de Quito University, said:

“We don’t know exactly what happened because villagers don’t want to give information, but she was found next to a palm plantation without her mother.

“We suppose they were too close to the plantation and were shot.”

The doctors worked quickly and efficiently to perform the surgery. They could only hope everything would work out.

The jaguar who they named D’yaira seems to be recovering well.

While there are still a few bullets in her body, this will not prohibit her from living a healthy life.

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