Baby Koala clings to his Mom after being hit by a car, she needed him to be close by

The bond between mother and child is one of the strongest bonds that exist. Studies have shown that by keeping mothers and babies together through medical interventions, it can benefit both mother and child. In fact, babies who have quit breathing even, have come back to life once placed on the warmth of the mother. Animals are no different. This is the story of a Koala Bear Mother/Joey Duo that will warm your heart.

Lizzie and her joey named Phantom were hit by a vehicle. Thankfully, they were transferred to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital for treatment. Phantom survived the accident without any injuries. However, Lizzie did not fare so well. She had suffered facial injuries and a collapsed lung.

Lizzie had to undergo surgery for her injuries. But little Phantom was terrified to leave his mom’s side while she underwent therapy. Wise zoo officials and the medical team made the call to keep the joey by Lizzie’s side during the operation.  Splitting them during surgery would traumatize the already shaken up Phantom. There would also likely be benefits for Lizzie by having her joey near.

You can see for yourself what the surgery looked like with the joey clinging to his mom. While Lizzie clung on for her life, Phantom was providing all the love that he could.

Thankfully, the surgery was a success. The recovery process, as you may have guessed involved Phantom hugging his mom.

This story really goes to prove the power between a mother and her offspring. By looking at the photo and video, you can see that the joey really needed his mom. I believe Lizzie must have felt that love and need for her survival.

What do you think? Is a mother’s love one of the most powerful forces on this earth? If you enjoyed this story, consider sharing it with a friend.

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