Baby moose attacks an innocent backyard sprinkler, how adorable!

Not everyone gets to see a moose this week. Depending on where you live and where you travel you may not see a moose in your entire lifetime. And even if you do see moose, you may not ever see one run through a sprinkler. That’s part of what makes videos so special.  Sit back and get ready to enjoy because you are in for a real treat.

Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams and his family have videoed a cow moose and her calf enjoying a sprinkler on their front lawn. Actually, it’s the calf that is doing most of the enjoying of the water. The calf appears to be so curious as he runs around the sprinkler and then into the sprinkler.

Not only does the calf check out the sprinkler once but he comes back multiple times to play in the sprinkler. This is truly one of the most precious moments I have watched on a video. I had a hard time not having a smile on my face the whole time as this babe enjoyed the sprinkler.

The mama moose is mostly grazing but also keeping an eye on her baby as he plays in the sprinkler. This was so sweet of the Williams family to go out and turn the sprinkler on. Moose can be dangerous, especially so for a cow moose with a calf. But Cory obviously knows that and was very careful to go out and turn the sprinkler on when the moose were far away. He was sure that they would come back since they always do. And he was right.

This is something that you have to see for yourself. Enjoy this video as you watch the calf playing in the water. Wait for it, because it does take a little bit of time until the video gets to the moose part. But it’s well worth the wait. Enjoy and then make sure to share with a friend.

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