Baby Saved By Adopted Dog, Parents Say The Dog Is A Blessing

Dogs are definitely man’s best friend! You can count on them through the good and bad! The play with us, cuddle with us and most importantly they alert us when there is danger and in some cases help us. This is the amazing story of a rescue dog named ‘Duke’ that saved the life of a dying baby.

The Brousseau family adopted Duke six years ago. He is a well-behaved and loved member of the family. But they never imagined that this dog they adopted would return the favor by saving their infant daughter.

That Night

The couple had just went to sleep but after sometime Duke jumped onto their bed and started shaking uncontrollably.  He was trying to wake the couple.  Normally he is a good dog and this was so unlike him.  But the couple understood that there had to be something going wrong.  They quickly got out of the bed and ran to the baby’s room. They found the baby in her crib not breathing. When paramedics arrived the revived the little girl and took her to the hospital where she turned out to be just fine.  The baby was just 9 weeks old.  The mother said that “Duke is a perfect dog and he was meant to be ours.”

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