After Grandpa Babysits His Grandpup His Texts To His Daughter Go Viral

Dads eventually become awesome grandpas. Meghan Specksgoor’s father proved to be no exception. He showed off his skills during the holiday season. While his daughter stayed in New York, he stayed behind with her pup Chance.

Meghan is only a dog mom right now, but she can rest assured when she has human babies grampa will be ready! But for now, she had an adorable fur baby that is in love with his grandpa for the fun adventures they had.

Shorty into her trip, she received these text messages that went viral.

Food Time!

Grandpa grabbed a bite to eat with this sweet pooch. They must be really hungry! At least gramps asked what little Chance is allowed to have.

Wait…Did He Say Ice Cream and Salon?!

Grandpa doesn’t just shower his grandpup with treats but also teaches him the value of earning a reward! If he’s a good boy getting his nails done, he gets ice cream! Darn, we want ice cream too Chance. He also loves hanging out with grandpa and wants to hang out more with him!

Yeah, Ice Cream!

He ended up loving his grandpa. And his ice cream treat!

Bed Time!

They even cuddle up together for their night.

After receiving these funny messages, Meghan uploaded them to Twitter. She was in such awe of her father taking great care of her beloved pup. Her tweets have received more than 170,000 likes and 45,000 re-tweets. Everybody loved them as much as she did.

Dad even got tons of texts from friends about his viral tweets, but Meghan had to explain to him what viral meant.

Poor dad. At least his love and meticulous care for his adorable grandpup make up for his lack of new age social media terms. We wonder what she said back to him to explain what “going viral” means. Oh well.

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