Ballin' Is Life Or So This Pup Thinks…

It’s Sunday afternoon, you’ve been to church, ate lunch and now are looking forward to some quiet time relaxing. Maybe you want to read a book, look at the newspaper for the deal of the week or just watch a movie. But your dog has different plans…….just like the dog in this video.

Another scenario, you just got home from work after a long day and just plop down onto the sofa for a quick reprieve from the day’s stress. Did you know playing ball with your dog also reduces stress?  Studies have shown that pet owners have less stress than non-pet owners.  So maybe your pup’s know something we don’t (how to become stress-free)

Sash the dog tries her very best to win over her owner’s attention by politely growling at her.   The amount of determination on the part of Sash to repeatedly keep “asking”  can we play priceless!   I guess if you have time to sit you have time to play with the ball.  Just check out that face!

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