Battered Puppy Found In A Trash Bag And 'Buried Alive' In A Field

Most people love their pets dearly that they consider them an extension of their own family. There are a few that consider them mere objects that they only use them when they need them and then throw them away heartlessly when they decide they are no longer needed.

An incident that has riled up pet lovers:

“A puppy was found buried alive in a field and with several grave injuries. The harrowing sight was discovered by a dog walker on April 27 when he was out training his working dogs. This person noticed something strange and protruding out in a field.  When he went to find out what it was, he was in shock.

A pup was wrapped in a bag and “buried alive” in the field. When inspectors of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) saw the animal, they were “heartbroken” to see what had happened.

Unfortunately, the puppy didn’t survive the “hideous act of cruelty,” they added. Alison Fletcher, the investigating RSPCA Inspector said,

“When the dogs (of the dog walker) didn’t return, their owner went to find them and realized they’d sniffed out a mound of disturbed earth in the middle of the field. When they looked closely they spotted a little cream-colored head poking out of the ground.”

The dog, found behind Worden Park in Leyland, Lancashire, is believed to be a Pomeranian and around nine weeks old. He was unable to walk or even move because his front and back legs were broken

— Sky News (@SkyNews) May 2, 2019

Fletcher added,

“The puppy had been wrapped up in a bin bag and buried alive. He was taken home by the dog walker who immediately alerted the RSPCA, who said he was around nine weeks old and a Pomeranian-type breed.” While the pup was still alive when it was found, it had several injuries that included a broken front leg and a broken rear leg. After being left to die, it must have tried to crawl out but because of its injuries, it was helpless and was not able to even walk or move.

The poor puppy how can people be so cruel??

— Amanda Hopwood (@AmandaJHopwood) May 2, 2019

“What a hideous act of cruelty to walk out to the middle of nowhere, dig a grave and bury this poor puppy alive in the dirt. It’s disgusting. I can’t believe this little one was found, he was so lucky or he could have suffered the most unimaginably slow and painful death,” said Inspector Fletcher.

Once the pup was rushed to the hospital for treatment they decided that euthanasia would be the best option for the pup because his injuries were too severe.

Inspector Fletcher said,

“I am absolutely heartbroken that vets weren’t able to save this innocent, loving little puppy. He didn’t deserve this ending.”

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